Tri-Cor offers high-performance sheeting ensuring your products are fully protected from potentially damaging ultraviolet light, dirt, dust, and varying weather conditions. With custom dimensions, thickness, color, prints, and many more feature options, sheeting is produced to your exact specifications.


  • Speed & Automation with precise wind and tension consistency from roll to roll
  • Maintains cleanliness during shipping & storage
  • Shields from moisture and external elements
  • Brand visibility & product identification
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Features & Customizable Options

Sizing & Gauge

Fully customizable widths, lengths, thicknesses, and configurations to fit your requirements

Multiple Folding & Packaging Configurations

M-Fold, C-Fold, J-Film, Coreless, Single wound, Centerfold

Variety of Film Colors

Standard and custom film colors available for product identification and brand recognition

Unmatched Printing Capabilities

Printing in multiple colors to brand and enhance your product

Mono & Coextruded

Single and multilayer film structures to provide necessary performance for your requirements

Engineered Resin Formulas

A variety of resin formulas available including prime, reprocessed and degradable

UV Inhibitors

Up to 24-month Ultraviolet Inhibitors (UVI) for maximum protection to shield from UV light and fading

High-Performance Shrink

Shrink available to provide maximum protection and stability for shipping and storage
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