Tri-Cor offers a variety of packaging films designed for use on a broad range of packaging equipment and in a vast array of markets. Available in a single layer, multilayer, and laminated structures, our FFS films can strengthen and enhance the appearance of products ranging from bottled beverages and pharmaceutical products to specialty foods and various other consumer goods. Tri-Cor offers multiple film colors and 10-color printing capabilities, so your FFS films can beautify your packaging with dynamic graphics for greater product and brand recognition.


  • Superior performance & machinability
  • Exceptional sealability on any type of equipment
  • Increased production speeds and decreased downtime
  • Reduced labor and packaging costs
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Features & Customizable Options

Sizing & Thickness

Fully customizable widths, lengths and thickness to fit your product

Variety of Film Colors

Multiple color options along with opaque and tinted films


Laser Scoring, Inno-Lock, post fold configurations

Multiple Structures

Wide range of film options including PET/LLDPE, OPP/LLDPE, OPP/OPP, Nylon/LLDPE, LLDPE/LLDPE, PET/PvDC/LLDPE

Finish Options

Varnish, matte, gloss, metallized

Flexographic Printing Capabilities

10 color flexographic printing with wide web capabilities for eye catching graphics you need in the crowded retail environment

Digital Printing Capabilities

Low minimum orders, short run, multi SKU, quick to market, no plate or set up fees
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