Tri-Cor offers box, carton, bin, tote, gaylord, and drum liners in multiple thicknesses and blends. Liners provide an economical solution designed to provide maximum protection from contaminates and the elements during processing, storing, and transportation. Liners are available in low or high density, mono, multilayer configurations and perforated on rolls or individually cut. All our liners are customizable and made to your exact specifications.


  • Keep products fresh, clean, and sanitary while increasing shelf life
  • Maintain sanitary site conditions
  • Protects your products from outside contaminants
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Features & Customizable Options

Sizing & Gauge

Fully customizable widths, lengths, thicknesses, and configurations to fit your container

Variety of Film Colors

Multiple color options along with Opaque and Tinted Films

Multiple Resin Blends

Extensive line of resins available including butene, hexene, octene, and high density

Barrier Formulations

Moisture and oxygen barrier films tailored to your specific application

Mono & Coextruded

Single and multilayer film structures to provide necessary performance for your requirements

FDA & Food Certification

FDA Direct Food Contact Certifications Available
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