Tri-Cor Flexible Packaging is a well-known and trusted name in the healthcare industry providing a complete portfolio of polyethylene films and bags to meet all pharmaceutical and healthcare packaging requirements. We understand the packaging requirements of the industry and work closely with each customer to deliver a customized solution to meet every company’s unique needs. Healthcare packaging demands stringent levels of cleanliness and protection of your healthcare products ensuring the highest levels of quality, safety, and hygiene. Tri-Cor meets these rigorous demands with the highest quality films available for healthcare applications, including pharmaceutical packaging and liners, medical device packaging, cleanroom packaging, and many other healthcare product packaging. No one can match the quality of our films or our state-of-the-art printing capabilities. Our packaging quality combined with our experienced sales team and expansive product line makes Tri-Cor the packaging partner you can count on to meet the meticulous requirements of the healthcare industry.   

Tri-Cor’s wide-ranging pharmaceutical capabilities also include: 

  • Industry-leading quality certification, CoA & CoC 
  • DMF-certified raw materials 
  • FDA-approved resins 
  • Quality certified 
  • Box and pail liners specifically developed for pharmaceutical companies 
  • Moisture barrier properties 
  • Formulations for Pharmaceutical and Nutritional products 

Market Segments


Medical Devices

Tablets & Gel Capsules

Cleanroom Packaging