We offer the most complete customization of all of our packaging to meet every unique packaging application. To get the job done effectively, on budget and on time, Tri-Cor will work closely with you and your team on each specific product situation and deliver a customized solution that fits your most rigorous requirements.  

Can’t find the type of flexible packaging you’re looking for? We’re happy to create new, innovative formulations that will exceed your expectations.  


Our qualified team has the industry experience to truly understand customers’ specifications and fully tailor each unique product according to their needs. Whether you’re looking for a new packaging solution, to redesign a current packaging product, or continue purchasing your packaging as is, we have the expertise to assist you through the design and development of your specific application. We offer art services for branded packaging design while meeting your desired design requirements. Design and development services include: 

  • Customized packaging design process to meet exact application needs 
  • Graphic design services for branded packaging  
  • Printing plate development  
  • Sample analysis and testing of existing packaging 


Flexible Packaging Tailored Fit to your precise needs 

Tri-Cor Flexible Packaging offers the broadest range of mono and coextruded blown films delivering the quality and consistency necessary for your packaging. Through the blending of resins we are able to create film structures that meet or exceed customers’ expectations. We offer standardized solutions or custom design film solutions to provide key properties such as: 

  • Moisture and Oxygen Barriers  
  • Clarity 
  • Toughness 
  • Tear Resistance 
  • Seal Performance 
  • Outdoor Storage 
  • UV Protection 
  • Weather Resistance  
  • Slip Levels- high, medium, low 

 Our versatile blown film capabilities include:  

     Resin Formulas      Colors      Additives      Venting      Printing
  • LDPE
  • HDPE
  • MDPE
  • Butene
  • Hexene,
  • Metallocene
  • Octene 
  • Full Spectrum




  • Antistat
  • UV Inhibitors
  • UV Absorber
  • Flame Retardant
  • VCI 


  • Regular Holes
  • Butterfly Holes
  • Pinholes 



  • Flexographic





Transform high-performance film into premium packaging 


The lamination process allows for the manufacturing of our films in multiple layers to achieve improved strength, maximized quality, superior print protection, barrier properties, stability, and appearance. The use of solventless adhesives for roll stock, stand-up pouches, and flat pouches allows us to minimize environmental impact. By trapping the ink between two films, your graphics will be scuff resistant and stay sharp for enhanced shelf appeal. 

We offer a wide range of film options from simple laminated structures to multi-layer barrier structures.  

  • Nylon/LLDPE

Bag Configurations

Pouch Configurations

  • Wicketed Bags
  • Open Mouth Bags
  • Sideweld 
  • Bottom Seal
  • Bottom Gusset
  • Back Seam
  • Draw Cord
  • Side Gusset
  • Pillow Bag

  • Stand Up
  • Layflat
  • Quad Seal
  • Wicketed

  • Single track PTC
  • Double track PTC
  • Vector® reclosure
  • Velcro® brand


Printing Capabilities


Our advanced printing capabilities enable us to provide printing for any order size and budget while meeting your branding requirements. Including inline printing perfect for industrial applications with single color needs such as pallet covers, top sheeting, and bagged products, and out of line printing best for more high quality retail oriented bags, pouches, and rollstock. Our printing capabilities include both flexographic and digital printing options.



Flexographic printing provides high-quality printing and production with eye-catching, head-turning graphics and provides many benefits to your printed packaging. Our flexographic printing is perfect for rollstock, pouches, and open mouth bags. At Tri-Cor, we offer the shortest lead times for flexographic printing. 


  • High resolution process printing
  • Narrow web to wide web printing capabilities
  • High production volumes and speeds
  • High contrast imagery
  • Crisper fine print
  • Up to 10 vibrant colors
  • Product consistency
  • Flexo Color density providing increased color gamut
  • Better white opacity  


Digital Printing is changing the dynamics of flexible packaging. With no upfront plate costs brands can bring products to market quicker and more affordably. Our digital printing is perfect for rollstock and pouches.  



  • Short runs
  • Multi SKUs
  • No Plate Costs
  • Ability to run promotional or seasonal packaging  
  • Ideal for small to medium sized companies
  • Low minimum quantity orders
  • Quick to market
  • Ability to test products in the market
  • Highly customizable 


At Tri-Cor, sustainability matters. 

We are committed to helping generate a positive environmental impact through responsible innovation with an evolving line of sustainable films and earth-friendly packaging solutions. Our goal is to provide an excellent product for your package while also providing a product that is good for the environment.  

Our Sustainable Product Line Includes: 

  • Recyclable – Eliminate waste with packaging that is 100% recyclable 
  • PCR – Made with PCR and PIR resin blends tailored from 20% to 100% recycled content 
  • Bio-Based – Made from renewable biological resources such as biomass or food waste instead of conventional fossil resources 
  • Compostable – Product with compostable solution options for the end-of-life treatment  
  • Downgauging – Use of higher strength resins to reduce film thickness for material savings 

Along with our sustainable film options, our laminations have all been replaced with solvent free based adhesives that provide the lowest carbon footprint with zero emissions.  

100% of our production waste is recycled, producing zero waste ending up in a landfill.  

We are continuously exploring sustainable packaging processes and ways to reduce our environmental impact to create a better environment for all.