Packaging Is Our Business

Tri-Cor Flexible Packaging is the trusted industry leader in custom flexible packaging solutions. For over 20 years, we have been providing high-quality, fully customizable flexible packaging products to customers across the country. We’re film and packaging experts, and we understand the importance of your packaging and the role it plays in your business. From protective purposes to brand recognition, we will work with you to produce a package that meets all of your requirements.

The Tri-cor Sales Team

We pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service you can count on from a sales team with over 40 years of industry experience. With Tri-Cor you get our expert, resourceful, and highly experienced staff on your side working on creative packaging solutions that will make a real difference in your business. Our goal is to provide the best quality, service, and value to our customers. Our experienced staff thrives on finding solutions to meet the needs of your company and provide a competitive edge. That’s why we’re continually investing in new products and expanded capabilities.

Whether you’re looking for a unique industrial film structure or distinctive laminated stand-up pouches, Tri-Cor is your trusted custom packaging manufacturer. Our team is here to meet your needs. We provide rigorous attention to detail, a relentless focus on quality, and superior service.

Your packaging needs are complex and diverse? Rely on Tri-Cor for a wealth of information and a simplified purchasing process. Our friendly staff members are ready to provide you with immediate attention.

Tri-Cor Flexible Packaging offers countless packaging solutions tailored to our customer’s specific applications, in the process earning a reputation for:



With our industry knowledge, we can fulfill even the most demanding and unique flexible packaging requirements. Customers rely on Tri-Cor for quality and consistency from start to finish. Our focus is on building long-term relationships and setting the benchmark for supplier excellence:

  • Fastest turnaround times in the industry
  • Streamlined order processing to meet challenging deadlines
  • Dedicated sales and customer service contacts
  • Knowledgeable, responsive customer care on every order
  • Broad-based creative expertise
“Packaging is a powerful marketing tool — and we’ll help you make the most of it.”

We’re the Perfect Package


We offer a fully customizable expansive line of packaging trusted nationwide.


Our creative team is full of exciting ideas for solutions that enhance your products, save money and produce value.


We offer full customization to meet your unique packaging needs.

Brand Visibility

Our innovative packaging solutions and high-end printing allows for brand visibility to set your company and your products apart.

A Sales Team You Can Count On

One knowledgeable point of contact simplifies the purchasing process no matter how diverse your packaging needs.

Responsive, Personal Service

We guarantee knowledgeable, responsive customer care on every order, from start to finish.

Quality Control

We proudly stand behind every product we deliver to our customers. We maintain strict quality parameters from order placement to delivery.

Product Consistency

A controlled blend of resins formulated for each job ensures every product has the appropriate density, strength, and elasticity to meet or exceed all applications.


Always Growing

We are continually exploring new approaches and investing in expanded capabilities to help you stay a step ahead.