Performance Stretch Films

December 19, 2022

Durable. Secure. Strong.


Tri-Cor’s Engineered Films are tough enough for your most demanding applications.

Tri-Cor Flexible Packaging offers a full line of stretch film. Stretch film provides complete coverage and enhanced protection with each wrap. Puncture and tear-resistant, our stretch film can be ordered in clear or select colors with UVI for extended outdoor protection.


Tri-Cor’s Stretch Film is designed to provide savings in productivity and material usage. Machine stretch films are produced in a wide variety of gauges, widths and lengths. These products are available in 1 and 2 sided cling, designed for a variety of applications featuring excellent puncture resistance with high clarity and quiet unwind. Need a custom size? We offer custom sizes up to 80”.
Standard Machine Film
• 20” 40 rolls/pallet
• 30” 20 rolls/pallet
• 50-200 gauge
• Clear, Color, Additives
High Performance Machine Film

• Metric: 19.5”-50cm 40 rolls/pallet
• High-performance/ One Side Cling (osc)
• 55, 65, 75 gauge
• Clear, Color, Additives
• Custom available


Tri-Cor’s full line of Performance hand stretch film products are designed to meet your application’s needs. Hand stretch film keeps your palletized products together during transit preventing damage. Our film provides strength, performance, and value keeping palletized items safe and secure. Our cast hand stretch film has excellent clarity and quiet release.
Available Options:
• 12” 48 cases/pallet
  15“ 48 cases/pallet
  18” 36 cases/pallet
• Metric:
      11“-28cm 48 cases/pallet
      14”-36cm 48 cases/pallet
      17.4”-44cm 36 cases/pallet and 17.4”-44cm 36
• 50-200 gauge
• Clear, Color, Additives

• Custom available


Tri-Cor provides extended core stretch film that is high-quality with excellent cohesion. It is a superior, cost effective alternative to strapping tape and twine. Our cast extruded banding stretch film is wound on a 3” core and has one plastic dispensing handle/case. 5” and 20” extended core products come on a 1”disposable core handle which simplifies stretch wrapping while saving money. It is perfect for stretch wrapping small packages, bundling multiple boxes, or wrapping a full pallet.
3” and 5” Banding and 5” and 20” Extended Core on a 1” Disposable Core

• 3“ 18 rolls/case 48 cases/pallet
• 5” 12 rolls/case 48 cases/pallet
• 20” 4 rolls/case 48 cases/pallet
• 50-200 gauge
• Colors and UVI available
• Custom sizes available


We’ve taken our expertise and manufacturing capabilities and applied these to the manufacturing of colored plastic stretch wrap that is designed for unique and specialized applications to create a distinctive, eye-catching appeal, making your product stand out from the rest. Whether you’re looking to color code for easy identification, inventory purposes, attractive appearance for your products, or want to conceal your items, Tri-Cor has what you need. Our stretch wrap is available in multiple colors, widths, and gauges. We also offer one-sided cling and UVI to prolong the film life in outdoor storage applications.
Let us know your application and we will work with you finding the best product to fit your needs.
Light & Dark Tints:
• Red
• Blue
• Green
• Yellow
• Brown
• Grey
• Purple
• Orange
• Black
• White
Need custom or printed films? Contact us for quotes and samples.
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