Increase your presence with printed lumber covers

July 22, 2022

Lumber covers ward off the elements during outdoor storage and shipping and are produced with UV inhibitors and low slip surfaces. (UV inhibitors are chemical additives that are added to plastic which help to retard the damaging effects of ultraviolet light to the plastic). Available in numerous film colors and as both monolayer and co-extruded products, our lumber covers are tailored to your exact load dimensions. And with our array of printing capabilities, your lumber covers can reinforce your company’s image and communicate product descriptions, instructions and other messages.

Why have printed lumber covers?

When your company logo is printed on lumber covers your brand image is displayed during shipping, storage, at a location like home depot, even on a job site. You will increase your exposure tremendously with great advertising.

Top reasons for lumber covers

  • You keep your product protected from harsh weather
  • They protect against vandalism and theft
  • Covers send the message that you care about the products and that your products are worth protecting
  • Displaying your logo is always good business