How to Measure for a Gusseted Pallet Cover

Looking to figure out what size pallet cover you need? – It’s easy!

The first step is knowing the dimensions of your pallet (or load size).  Then simply follow these steps:

  1. Pallet Width + 2” = Cover Width
  2. Pallet Depth + 2” = Cover Depth (or Gusset)
  3. Pallet Length (Height) + ½ of Pallet Depth + 4” = Cover Length

Note:  Depth is the shorter of the 2 sides

Measuring for pallet cover


Pallet/Load Size:   40”W  x  36”D  x  50”L

  1. Cover Width:  40” + 2” =  42”
  2. Cover Depth:  36” + 2” =  38”
  3. Cover Length:  50” + 18” (½ of Pallet Depth) + 4” = 72”

PALLET COVER SIZE:   42”W  x  38”D (Gusset)  x  72”L

Pallet cover


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Article by: Lindsay Mitchell



Pallet Covers


No matter what type of product you are trying to protect, pallet covers are used to cover pallet loads and help protect them from elements such as water, dust, dirt and UV rays.  Pallet covers also help protect  your product from any damage that can occur during shipping and storage.

Pallet covers are tailored to your exact load dimensions and are available as side gusseted, U-fold, or M-fold top gusseted.


The best part about pallet covers is that they can be custom printed with your company name, logo, product description, or any other message you desire.  You get to advertise your company name and logo at the same time you are protecting your product!  Printed pallet covers come in numerous different film colors with high-quality print up to four colors!




  • Keeps your product protected from harsh weather
  • Helps prevent vandalism and theft
  • Company advertising and brand exposure

Article by: Lindsay Mitchell

Top Sheeting

What is a top sheet?

A top sheet is a plastic film “Polyethylene”, usually 1 to 4 mil thick, that is applied to the top of a pallet load.  It can be applied manually or with an automated top sheet dispensing machine.

A top sheet is generally used in conjunction with stretch film.  With the top sheet draped over all 4 sides of the load, it is wrapped in stretch film, locking the top sheet in place.  This provides added protection to stretch wrapped pallets by helping to keep the top of the pallet clean and dry during shipping and storage.

Benefits to using top sheeting include:

  • UV Resistance
  • Tamper Resistant
  • Dust Protection
  • Moisture Protection

Advertising is another major advantage to using top sheets.  Many companies have their top sheeting printed with their company name and logo for name recognition.  It is an inexpensive way to get your company’s name seen by end-users in stores such as Home Depot and Lowe’s.

Please click here to see how Wulftec’s fully automated top sheet machine works.

Article by: Lindsay Mitchell